Removing Fabric Trim Scrap

This customer is a manufacturer of various extruded and nonwoven plastic fabrics, including polypropylene. On one particular machine, a nonwoven polypropylene fabric is being cut to size by trimming the edge off both sides of the web. They needed a way to remove the trim scrap as it was cut so it would not leave a mess around the machine and so the scrap pieces would not interfere with the cutting tool and cause a flawed cut. Because the web is not always the same width to start with, the trimmed edges can range anywhere from 0.5" wide to 3" wide. But, the material is very lightweight and flexible. So, 2 pc of a Model 6085 2.5" (64mm) Aluminum Line Vac were used, one on each side of the web at the point of cut. The Line Vacs were able to keep up with the line speed of the web and remove all of the trim scrap as it was created, immediately transferring it to a box for later disposal.

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