Replacing a Blower Driven Air Knife Adds Adjustment to the Blow Off Application

Company manufactures nutritional supplements in powder and liquid form, using a blower system to provide a liquid blow off from bottles after they have been rinsed and before they are coded with an ink jet printer. The blower system continually knocked over the smallest 5" tall bottles they were processing and the ink jet could not place a code on the bottles, causing down time, reworks and rejects. They have chosen (2) EXAIR Model 110006 6" (152mm) Super Air Knives and (2) Model 9060 Universal Air Knife Mounting Systems to provide a better blow off. The Super Air Knives have laminar flow which can be adjusted with a pressure regulator so the air flow will not knock down the bottles. The blower system is not adjustable and produces turbulent air flow. They have also been able to reduce the noise level of the blow off application. This has resulted in zero rejects, reworks, and downtime caused by the blow off of the bottles.

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