Reversible Drum Vac Saves Time and Mess In Rebuilding Transmission

Customer manufactures and re-builds power transmission components including rather large gear box assemblies. When they re-build a gear box, they first must empty the oil from within the gear box. These gear boxes can be rather large and contain oil in excess of 50 gallons. The customer had been using electric shop vacuum cleaners to remove the oil, but the reservoir on the electric vacuum was very small for this kind of job. It meant frequent stops to empty the vacuum reservoir and was a very messy process too. The customer decided to use the Model 6196 Reversible Drum Vac made for a 55 gallon drum. Not only did using the Reversible Drum Vac cut down on the time needed to empty the gear housing, it was a much cleaner process as well. The customer was able to shave 45 minutes off the process of emtying the gear housing as the 55 gallon Reversible Drum Vac was able to take the full volume of oil in one drum. This represented a great time savings for the customer as it used to take them almost 1 hour to complete before using the Reversible Drum Vac.

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