Roller Chain Assembly

Customer automates assembly procedures. This project was for assembling roller chain. The issue in this application was how the customer is going to transport 80 kg. of the roller chain plates from a drum up into the hopper of a bowl feeder. The distance of conveyance is 10 ft. total. At the moment, they have to hand feed the bowl feeder which is not practical or economical. The shape and weight of the product did not allow for easy “scooping" before by hand or by small scoop tool. Vacuuming out of the supply barrel works much more quickly. The customer was able to vacuum the entire 80 kg. of product in under 5 minutes using the Model 150200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac. This action took more than 10 minutes to do by hand because the product was so difficult to handle.

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