Stainless Steel Line Vac Removes Heavy Metal Scum From Holding Pond

This customer operates a plating facility. They have holding ponds to treat their effluent waste, where heavy metals are chemically coagulated out, causing them to rise to the surface as floating scum. When this scum dried to a hard crust, the tanks were drained and the crusty coagulant was shoveled out manually. They were needing more capacity which would have normally required building another reclamation system.  If they could eliminate the wait time for the coagulant to dry out, throughput time would be increased. Using a Model 6064 2″ (51mm) Stainless Steel Line Vac, they vacuumed the floating scum as it appeared on the surface of the holding pond. When testing showed the heavy metals had been eliminated, the holding pond was released and recharged with the next batch of waste to be treated. This method saved them 2 days of waiting for the floating scum to harden. Within that time they were able to treat an additional batch, essentially doubling their capacity.

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