Static Elimination For Stack Separation

This customer manufactures optical discs for the home entertainment industry, such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs. Once the discs are made, they are stacked 125 pieces at a time on spindles, to be taken to have the labels printed. Because the discs are made of plastic, there is a tremendous amount of static buildup throughout the manufacturing process. When the discs are pulled one at a time off the spindle into the printer, this static charge often causes 2 or 3 pieces to come off stuck together instead. A Model 8293 Ion Air Gun with Power Supply aimed at the side of the stack of discs will allow ionized air to penetrate between the discs as the top one is pulled, and prevent the others from sticking to it. This will prevent rejected discs due to pieces not getting labeled because of being stuck underneath another disc.

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