Static Elimination in Food Packaging

The customer manufactures and packages sugar crystals into plastic jar containers. The problem is that sugar crystals attracted by static charge get stuck under the tamper-proof band. This leads to customer complaints that cost the company lots of money. Each incident can incur anywhere from a $10,000 to $30,000 fine. So, they want to work on quality control issues. A Model 112209 9" (229mm) Super Ion Air Knife Kit, Model 112009 9" (229mm) Super Ion Air Knife, Model 8494 Ion Air Jet Kit, and Model 8194 Ion Air Jet were used to blow down the outside of the jars for general blow off and the ion jets were used after capping to prevent sugar from being caught under the security band. By not having the complaints, the customer avoids paying the severe penalties which adds to their overall profitability.

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