Super Air Amplifier with Stay Set Hose and Magnetic Base Permits Consistent Proper Operation of Shrink Wrap Machine

The customer has a machine that stacks and shrink wraps metal duct strap material into bundles. The problem was that the “tail" of the shrink wrap was not being tucked properly under the subsequent windings to keep a nice tight wrap. There was an EXAIR Model 120020 3/4" (19mm) Super Air Amplifier in the application but it was not mounted properly. So, we recommended Model 9262 12" (305mm) Stay Set Hose and Model 9042 Magnetic Base to allow for proper adjustment of the Air Amplifier. Some other changes to the compressed air supply were recommended to the customer to improve the blowing force produced by the Air Amplifier as well. The customer was able to complete a “tucked" wrap every time the machine performed the wrapping process. Before the change, it was a hit or miss which required re-processing of the bundles.

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