Super Air Knife and Vortex Tube Cool Pre-printed Glass Microscope Slides

Customer makes scientific equipment for instructional purposes. One of the products they make is pre-printed, glass, microscope slides that have an infrared curable ink applied to form various images. The ink must be cured by infrared light before packaging which causes the slides and the conveyor on which they move to become too hot for handling by personnel. Customer is currently using a bank of 5 fans to cool these slides but the turbulent nature of the fans causes the cooling to be less than satisfactory. Customer is now applying a Model 110003 3" (76mm) Aluminum Super Air Knife to blow onto the slides and conveyor as they exit the curing tunnel. They are also using a Model 3230 Vortex Tube to cool the metal conveyor bed which will, in turn, cool the underside of the conveyor to keep the conveyor and the slides from becoming too hot. The goal was to get the slides down from 300°F to 110°F within the 10 feet of travel of the conveyor after exiting the curing tunnel. The customer was able to meet that minimum handling temperature after applying the EXAIR solutions to the application.

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