Super Air Knife Blows Scrap from Paper Slitting

A manufacturer of containerboard and corrugated packaging must slit the stock to width. Right at the slitting operation the edges are also trimmed. The thin pieces of edge trim were consistently getting jammed up into the finishing machine frame, breaking apart and lodging pieces of trim into areas which affected the quality of the slitting. They were looking for something to dislodge scrap pieces and cover a wide area. They chose an EXAIR Model 110012 12" (305mm) Aluminum Super Air Knife and Model 110312 12" (305mm) Aluminum Super Air Knife Shim Set for six different locations. The shim sets allowed the customer to increase force out of the Super Air Knife in locations farther away from the target area. The knives have been able to remove the scrap from the machine and eliminate poor quality slitting.

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