Super Air Knife Clears a Weld Area of Misplaced Weld Nut

Our customer who makes automotive metal stampings and assemblies has a robotic weld cell. This specific cell lays an M6 nut down on to the metal stamping which is held in place with a magnet. Sometimes this nut is misplaced, another nut replaces it and the weld process continues. The problem is the misplaced nut can sometimes remain on the metal stamping to the next operation which is a punch press. If the nut remains it damages the metal stamping and is rejected by the end customer. EXAIR has outfitted this application with aModel 110006 6" (152mm) Super Air Knife to cover the wide area where a misplaced nut could land and blow off the nut before it causes trouble at the next operation. This has eliminated any defect due to this problem.

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