Super Air Knife Dries Shrinkwrapped Meat After Wash

Company processes, packages, and sells turkey as both whole turkeys and sliced deli meats. The large whole turkeys are shrink wrapped then sent through a washing tunnel, before being packed for shipment. After the wash process, the turkeys need to be fully dried before they can be bulk packaged. The turkeys are about the size of a football, but they are situated several across on a 24" wide conveyor. So, the drying mechanism needs to be placed above the conveyor and span the entire width. Our Model 110024SS 24" (610mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Knife was just right to do the job. It can be mounted above the turkeys, horizontally across the conveyor.  Then the air knife can also be rotated back towards the wash tunnel at an angle, to "wipe" the water off the turkeys and blow it back towards the tunnel. This will ensure that the packaged turkeys are sufficiently dry, and prevent much of the water from exiting the tunnel and creating a mess.

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