Super Air Knife Keeps Conveyor Belt Clean

Company manufactures chicken tenders. The customer cooks chicken tenders and then freezes them to -40°F with dry ice. Afterward, the customer drops the frozen product into a vat of 33°F water to allow for a coating of water around the outside of the tender. Somehow, this is supposed to keep the tender hydrated while in storage. The problem, however, is once the tenders come out of the water bath and onto a conveyor, they tend to freeze and stick to the outflow conveyor. This causes problems with processing waste due to tenders that do not fall off the conveyor. An operator has to stand by to scrape off the tenders which wastes operator time and ruins the stuck tenders. A Model 110030SS 30" (762mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Knife is used to create a non-contact blowing force to keep the tenders from sticking to the belt before the freezing problem becomes an issue. The operator is free to do other things around the machine and not sit there to watch the conveyor the whole time. Also, the sticking problem went away. So, no reject tenders due to this problem.

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