Super Air Knife Provides Temporary Cooling

A manufacturer of precast concrete and polymer concrete products experienced overheating hydraulics system controls which is attached to a crane. The overheating controls caused the hydraulics to shut down, which stopped production. The customer was not willing to accept these delays and needed to keep the hydraulics running until the next maintenance shut down. They were looking for a temporary cooling solution to keep the system running until they could get it permanently fixed. The area they needed to cool was 18" (457mm) x 12" (305mm) and a Model 110018 18" (457mm) Aluminum Super Air Knife was a good fit to blow air through the controls and remove the heat buildup. This customer also took advantage of EXAIR's accessories and purchased 200' of air hose, all necessary fittings, and mounting brackets for the Super Air Knife. This allowed them to reduce the time spent looking for a solution and the parts arrived next day for them to implement the temporary solution.

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