Super Air Knife Separates Product on Conveyor

Customer manufactures controls equipment for process automation. One project they were working on involved separating packaged DVDs and Blu-Ray discs intermixed on a conveyor, so that the individual packages can be properly labeled. They wanted a product that would provide a controllable short burst of air, to eject only the Blu-Ray discs from the conveyor. Then the DVDs could proceed into the labeler, and the collected Blu-Ray discs could be taken to a separate labeling machine. A Model 110003 3" (76mm) Aluminum Super Air Knife was selected for the application. The Air Knife will provide a narrow, flat stream of air to fully eject a single package from the conveyor. The on/of response of the air is essentially immediate, thus it can be easily controlled with a PLC or sensor, and solenoid valve. The Air Knife will allow for complete ejection of the selected packages, with little to no process interruption.

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