Super Air Knives Keep Plastic Packing Operation From Overheating

The customer packages paper towels into large, multi-pack packages of 6 and 8 rolls of towels per package. They do this with a plastic, over-wrap bag that gets heat sealed. The problem is that the Ni-chrome wires used to heat seal the bags, become too hot and cause excessive melting and stringing of the plastic bag material. For this reason, they cannot run the line as quickly as they want to. They also have problems with the sealing wires burning up. So, they want to eliminate this as a problem as well. There are 6 sealing heads in the machine that rotate in and out with the product as it goes by on a continuous processing line. Using (2) Model 110024 24" (610mm) Super Air Knives and (2) Model 110009 9" (229mm) Super Air Knives, the customer is able to eliminate the burning up problem of the wires and eliminate the excessive plastic melting problem.

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