Super Air Knives Replace Open-End Nozzle Manifold

This customer makes commercial paper towel machines, and was using (45) open-end air nozzles on a simple pipe manifold to provide an air flow to remove a 135" wide paper sheet from the product they loaded their machines with. These nozzles consumed 1,332 SCFM @ 90 PSI and they were looking for a way to reduce this. We recommended a system consisting of (2) Model 110048 48" (1219mm) Aluminum Super Air Knives and (1) Model 110042 42" (1067mm) Super Air Knife, coupled together using (3) Model 110900 Coupling Bracket Kits. This saves them 931.8 SCFM, or $13.98 per hour. Since this is a 24 hour operation, Monday - Friday, 52 weeks a year, the annual savings is over $87,000.00 in compressed air generation.

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