Super Air Nozzle, Adjustable Air Amplifier, and Accessories Comprise Total EXAIR Debris Removal System

An machinery builder needed to blow debris away from parts in an automated machining operation, and simultaneously vacuum the debris away to a collection receptacle. A Model 1100-9318 Super Air Nozzle with 18" (457mm) Stay Set Hose and Mag Base was installed to blow off the parts, a Model 6041 1-1/4" (32mm) Adjustable Air Amplifier was automatically activated to entrain the airborne debris, and it was conveyed to a Model 6584 Filter Bag (a Vac-u-Gun Accessory) via a short section of Model 6932 1-1/4" Clear Reinforced PVC Conveyance Hose. A total EXAIR solution!

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