Super Air Nozzle Aids Destacker

Customer makes packaging for use in the food industry. One application involves moving stacked plastic cups through a corkscrew conveyor/separator system and onto a rotating indexer for further processing. The corkscrew and indexer are moving at a high rate of speed, and sometimes the cups do not separate properly, so they are unable to keep up.  This creates holes and missing cups in the process. The customer was looking for an air assist to give each cup a blast of air to boost it out of the stack and on to the corkscrew conveyor. Because this was a tight space, a simple nozzle on the end of a compressed air pipe would not be sufficient. Thus, 1pc each of a Model 1103-9456 and Model 1103-9462 Dual Magnetic Base with Stayset Hoses and Mini Super Air Nozzles were recommended. The magnets would firmly hold the assembly in place, without permanent mounting, in the event there was a need to reposition them. The stayset hoses will allow the nozzles to be aimed into the tight area at just the right angle to properly assist the cups in the right direction. The addition of these two assemblies will keep the cups moving, ensuring that they come off the stack one at a time, with no cups being skipped.

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