Super Air Nozzle Ejects Rejected Bottles

A customer was building a system for a bottling plant to detect and remove bottles that were improperly capped from the conveyor line.  The bottles were plastic 20-oz soda bottles, filled. The method of ejection needed to be both powerful enough to completely remove the rejected bottle, but precise enough to remove only the rejected bottle and not others near it that were acceptable. Because it is a food-grade application, Stainless Steel would also be required.  Based on these specifications, a Model 1104SS 3/8 NPT Stainless Steel Super Air Nozzle would be perfectly suited to the application. The force produced by the nozzle will be able to completely remove the rejected bottle from the line.  The size and shape of the airflow pattern it produces is just right to remove one and only one bottle. When the airflow is timed in conjunction with the upstream inspection system, the air nozzle will eliminate all of the rejected bottles from the line while creating little if any disruption to the remainder of the process. 

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