Super Air Wipe Blows Off Chain After Dipping Into Bath of Rust Inhibitor

Customer manufactures the equipment that goes into bowling alleys to allow for handling of the pins and the ball return. One of the components they use is a special chain that they have made overseas. The chain comes into their warehouse on a large spool. It must be treated with rust inhibitor prior to going into storage to await assembly. The application of the rust inhibitor is a dipping process which necessitates removal of the excess rust inhibitor. Customer has implemented a process by which the chain is un-wound and re-wound on to an empty spool. Between the two spools, the customer uses a Model 2403 3" (76mm) Super Air Wipe to blow off the chain which has a 1" x 1" profile. The Super Air Wipe removes the excess rust inhibitor which keeps the chain from dripping onto other items located beneath the chain stock on the storage rack. Previously, the dripping of the chain caused a lot of mess and damage to other components that go into the manufacture of their products. Before installation of the Super Air Wipe the customer tried their best with simple air guns which were unable to get all the oil off the chain.

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