Super Air Wipe Saves Wire Manufacturer Serious Compressed Air Volume

The customer is a major supplier of wire and cable around the world. They had recently undergone an energy audit. Part of the energy audit was a sub-audit of all compressed air applications in their facility. The one that brought in the most savings was for blowing off the wire after it had gone through a wash and rinse tank. The customer was using (2) 1/4" copper tubes running at 85 PSIG to blow off the wire which was less than 1/8" OD. The customer implemented the audit suggestion to change the copper tubes over to a Model 2400 1/2" (13mm) Aluminum Super Air Wipe. The Air Wipe was installed and did a better job at blowing off the cable than was being performed by the copper tubes. The biggest bonus though was the air savings. The customer went from a total of 60 SCFM @ 85 PSIG to 14 SCFM at the same inlet pressure. So, they are now at less than 25% their original air consumption. Once the customer realized the savings, they quickly implemented this change to their other 9 lines. The air savings was so effective that the customer was able to turn off a 100 HP air compressor! Now that is saving energy.

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