Super Ion Air Knife Eliminates Static in Pharma Application

Customer was trying to apply a security shrink band to the bottles of vitamin supplements that they manufacture and package. The safety band was charged with static electricity and was lifting up off of the bottles. So, when the bottles travelled through the heat shrink tunnel, they were not placed properly onto the bottle neck and thus were unable to serve their intended purpose. The customer moved Model 112012 12" (305mm) Super Ion Air Knife into the application to blow down over the tops of the bottles after the safety band was applied. The ionized airflow eliminated the static and pushed the safety band down onto the bottle to its correct position. Now, the bottles go through the shrink tunnel and the safety bands are at their proper location on the bottle neck/cap interface. A note about this application, the customer did already have static eliminators placed at the beginning of this process. So, a quick re-arrangement of ionizer location was all it took to make things work properly in this case.

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