Super Ion Air Knife Eliminates Static on Label Prior to Application

Customer fills and labels various types of liquid soap bottles. The label being applied has a pressure sensititve adhesive on its back side. The problem in the application is that static formed from un-rolling the labels and peeling them off of the backing stock causes the labels to be repelled away from the bottles to which they are applied. As the bottles go by, the label is forced to the bottle, but a wrinkle forms in the label, rendering it a non-conforming part. The bottle then has to go through to be re-worked. Now that it has gotten colder in the customer's plant, the problem is becoming worse. Customer spoke with EXAIR and decided to use Model 112206 6" (152mm) Super Ion Air Knife Kit to elimintate static on the label just prior to labeling. The static problem was eliminated and so was the re-work problem for the customer.

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