Super Ion Air Knife System Reduces Static Discharge to Personnel

Customer is a manufacturer of automotive interior systems. One of the components is the seats for various automobiles. This particular plant makes the seat foam structure and covers it with vinyl. The customer has an inspection process where the foam form is inspected after it is molded. This form is run on a 30" wide conveyor over an open mesh belt that has fluorescent tubes underneath to provide back lighting. The forms are inspected for any voids that show up as light spots in the structure itself. Defective units are removed from the line manually. When this happens, the inspector receives a static discharge from the foam structure upon touching it. By installing the Model 112130 30" (762mm) Super Ion Air Knife System, the customer was able to reduce the static charge build-up on the product and conveyor to the point where the operators were able to make contact with it and not be afraid to do their job as they were before. The result is happier employees who are more productive and less inclined to complain about injury received from static discharges.

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