Super Ion Air Knives Replace Failure and Shock Prone Fan Blower Type Static Eliminators

This customer manufactures extrusion blow molded containers for a variety of markets (pharmaceutical, food, cleaning products, etc.) which they also apply labels to. They were using commercial grade ionized air blowers, installed in enclosures on their conveyor lines, to blow ionized air from above, onto the plastic jugs, bottles, etc., to eliminate static, prior to labeling. These units were prone to failure, and also cause nuisance electrical shocks to operation & maintenance personnel. When one of the units failed, they decided to replace the overhead blowing system with (2) Model 112012 12" (305mm) Super Ion Air Knives, mounted on either side of the conveyor, and a Model 7960 2-Outlet, 115VAC Power Supply. These not only eliminated the nuisance shock hazard, but they freed up a great amount of space on the lines. Once this system was proved out, they installed the Super Ion Air Knives on their other three labeling lines. Because of the costs associated with their fan-type blowers and ionizing units, and the rate at which they failed, they can expect to save over $4,000.00 annually on replacement parts.

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