Vacuum Rubber Dust

Company manufactures brake hose assemblies. They cut and grind hose to accept an end fitting. All grinding debris has to be removed prior to assembly otherwise it will produce a defect. This customer has used blower dust collectors. Their problem is that the installation is bulky and cumbersome. By the time they route the long ductwork to the pickup point, there is not enough air velocity to remove the debris. If they go to smaller ductwork to increase velocity, then the internal resistance overcomes the ability of the blower to move air. This was a new production line so they were looking for cost effective alternatives. Instead of having to pay $10,000 for a dust collector, for $100 they were able to use the Model 6081 1" (25mm) Line Vac with hoses to a trash bin. The Line Vac operated superior to the blower collector, was a simple installation, and required no maintenance.

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