Vinegar Anyone?

The customer produces specialty vinegar and oils. They have the task of filling a 1000 gallon hopper with vinegar so they can package from bulk to individual bottles. They have been using a fork-lift with a barrel tipping mechanism to do the job. The problem is that they do not have very good control over the barrel tipping and the product does not empty as fast as they would like it to. The other problem is that they can get contamination in the hopper from the barrel and the forks which is an obvious problem from a cleanliness standpoint.

The Model 6196 Reversible Drum Vac System is used to empty the drums into the hopper from the floor. The customer is able to quickly empty the 55 gallon drums of product into the hopper without lifting with a fork-lift, which is much safer and cleaner. Also, the rate of transfer is much better than what they had from simply dumping the barrels. So, they can fill the hopper faster.

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