Vortex Tube Keeps Test Module Cold

Customer operates a laboratory designed for testing mechanical properties of various kinds of materials. Their tests will usually require that the materials be cooled to 0° Celsius during the test. For this, they utilize test "chambers" in which they control the temperature to the specified level. The customer currently uses liquid CO2 to cool the material sample and the chamber, however that is quite expensive as some of the tests can be as many as 11 days in duration. So, they have been looking for a lesser expensive option for cooling, especially for the longer duration tests. The customer has decided to use a Model 3225 Vortex Tube to keep their test chambers cool instead of using liquid CO2. The vortex tube uses 25 SCFM to produce as much as 1700 Btu/hr of cooling power within the small test chambers. All of which are less than 1 cubic foot in size. This allows for a high concentration of cooling power into a very small area. The customer can also use compressed air for the cooling purpose which is a much less expensive alternative to compressed gases such as liquid CO2.

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