Sustainability Plan

The EXAIR Sustainability Plan


We realize that what we do as a company can directly impact others and our environment. We have reduced our consumption of resources, increased our recycling efforts and incorporated practices and standards into our product development, manufacturing and fulfillment processes that are beneficial to the environment. Our action plan significantly improves our operations, practices, facility and products. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken:

Resources Consumed

  • Electrical Power
         - Our VSD (variable speed drive) air compressor reduced our electrical consumption by over 4,500 kWh in the past year compared to a conventional air compressor.
         - Consumption reduced through increased use of natural light, higher efficiency fluorescent fixtures and LED technology.
  • Compressed Air
         - Consumption reduced through a leak detection and mitigation program that saved one million cubic feet of compressed air per year.
         - Utilizing our own engineered compressed air nozzles throughout the plant minimizes compressed air use compared to commercial nozzles. 
  • Fossil Fuels
         - EXAIR delivers 91% of our invoices electronically which has eliminated those traditional postal service mailed copies. 
  • Paper/Cardboard
         - Electronic delivery of invoices allowed 67% reduction in printed pages.
         - Most shipments use recycled Kraft paper with a perfect “green score” of 360.
  • Fresh Water
         - Consumption reduced through a coolant management program that extends usable life of water-soluble coolant from six weeks to six months.
  • Natural Gas
         - Consumption reduced by installing programmable thermostats wherever possible to match heating/cooling cycles with facility usage patterns.


Recycling of Waste

  • • Solid Waste/Trash – Reduced by 88% through an expanded recycling program
  • • Metals – 100% recycled
  • • Paper/Cardboard – 100% recycled
  • • Wastewater – 100% recycled
  • • Wood – 100% recycled
  • • Plastics – 100% recycled


Product Impact

  • • EXAIR blow off products designed specifically to reduce compressed air consumption energy usage
  • • A new tool developed as part of our coolant management system now available to customers
  • • Packaging materials used by EXAIR are fully recyclable
  • • Most EXAIR products themselves are largely or fully recyclable at the end of their useful lives
  • • RoHS compliance on applicable products insures that, should these products end up in a landfill at the end of their useful lives, they will not contaminate the environment with unacceptable levels of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE or cadmium.


As you can see above, we’ve made significant progress. But we are by no means finished. New materials, products, processes and technologies mean more opportunities for continued improvement.

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