2" Super Air Nozzle Keeps Operator From Getting Burned

Customer manufactures wire forms for the concrete industry. The wire forms are the cradles and various other items that hold steel reinforcing rods into place for pouring concrete. They make 2000 different ones. The customer has operators that feed parts into and automatic welder. When the welder is activated, weld spatter generally pops out in the direction of the operator. The engineer wanted to protect the operator from the weld spatter by deflecting it away with air. Using a Model 1122 2" Flat Super Air Nozzle, Model 1132SS Shim Set, and Model 9212 12" Stay Set Hose (2 per weld station), the customer is now able to generate sufficient airflow across the weld areas to deflect the weld spatter away from the operator and into a more suitable direction. The benefit to the operator is that they now do not have to worry about being injured by the hot sparks and spatter.

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