Adjustable Spot Cooler Cools Fiberglass Saw Blades

Application is in a fiberglass insulation factory where the customer wants to cool two 700 mm diameter batt cutting blades. The problem is when they are cutting thick batts, the blade gets very hot and warps. The warping ruins the blades and they must be changed at a large expense of time and money. They currently have two small cooling tubes affixed to each saw blade guard, but they are not providing enough volume nor cold enough air to cool the blade properly. A Model 3725 Adjustable Spot Cooler was installed onto each saw blade guard. The Adjustable Spot Coolers were set to output a temperature of zero degrees Celsius. The volume of flow plus the temperature of the air was adequate to allow the customer to continue the cutting application without any further heat damage or warping of the cutting blades.

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