Conveying Potassium Hydroxide Pellets

Company manufactures steel automotive parts. They make up a solution of potassium hydroxide pellets and distilled water for use in their metal treating process. The solution is poisonous and very corrosive. Currently, to make the mixture, an employee picks up and dumps a 110 lb. fiber container of the acid into a mixing vessel. The problems are that the employee is up on a step stool handling a 110 lb. object and coming into intimate contact with the acid. Not a good situation from an employee safety and health standpoint. By using the Model 6064-316 2" (51mm)Type 316 Stainless Steel Line Vac with Model 6934-10 10' PVC Hose, they were able to keep the employee from doing the heavy lifting (problem 1) and from breathing in fumes, dust, etc. when dumping container (problem 2). Both issues could have proven to cause severe health issues over time due to slipping and falling or chronic health issues from inhaling the acid.

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