Heavy Duty Line Vac Moves Large, Hot Metal Chips

A manufacturer of Class A truck drums is using a mill to cut 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep channel around the circumference of the drum. This is done in 18 seconds. The depth and speed at which this operation is done creates a large dose of hot chips in a short period of time. The operation is covered with a shroud which helps keep the chips contained and moves them to a discharge hose. The original discharge setup used an electric vacuum to pull the chips out of the shroud. The hot chips quickly melted through the vacuum hose, as well as melting the inside of the plastic electric vacuum drum. The vacuum drum was also too small for an all day operation and needed to be emptied many times during the day. They replaced the vacuum after it burnt up from continual use with an EXAIR Model 151150 1-1/2" (38mm) Threaded Heavy Duty Line Vac which uses pipe to transfer the hot chips into a large bulk hopper. This eliminated any melting of plastic parts and prevented operators from emptying a small container of chips.

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