Line Vac Conveys Additive to Asphault Mixing Vessel

The customer has a need to convey an additive in pellet form to an asphault mixing vessel. The pellets enhance the performance of the asphault. The pellets weigh 28 lbs. / cu. Ft. Therefore, they convey well using air.  The customer was using a screw conveyor that left a lot of product in the hopper and was lost in the screw itself. The customer wanted to get a complete conveying of each super sack of material that they put into the process to get full utilization of all the material that is supplied in the super sack. They used a Model 6087 4" (102mm) Line Vac with holes drilled to .113" dia. This unit has been set up to produce the same level of vacuum as a 2" unit so as to get better conveying rates with the larger hose diameter. The customer is now able to fully convey the material directly into the wetting tank and they don’t lose any product in the process any longer. They used to lose up to 20% due to spillage, clogging, etc.

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