Line Vac Streamlines Bottle Capping Process

Company manufactures bottled water. The customer is setting up a new bottling line and needs a way to convey bottle caps (closures) up to a hopper 12 ft. in the air. The customer has older lines that require double handling of the caps to get them up into the capper hopper. The customer wants to employ a single stage, easy to use conveying system to fill the hopper on this new line that would fill the hopper automatically. Using a Model 6986 3" (76mm) Aluminum Line Vac Kit and Model 9056 EFC Electronic Flow Control and with the addition of some hose and a floor mounted hopper, the customer was able to make his hopper loading system come to life for under $1500.00. Other systems that he was considering were starting at 2 times that amount, were mechanical in nature and were therefore not very reliable. The Electronic Flow Control will turn on the Line Vac only when needed, saving compressed air cost and making the process automatic.

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