Sterilizing Medical Waste Containers

Customer produces, distributes, collects, cleans, sterilizes and re-distributes medical waste containers for hospitals, Dr. offices, etc. They provide the means to get rid of medical waste in an efficient and re-usable way. The customer washes, dries and sterilizes re-usable medical waste containers. As part of the drying process, they need an efficient way to remove water droplets from inside the container after washing so that the residue can flash off inside an autoclave oven. The problem now is that there is too much water left on the container and it is not all evaporated. The result is that the customer has wet containers that can grow mold, mildew and other undesirable things that are not wanted in such containers. The Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifier is able to significantly reduce the amount of water present inside the container to allow for full evaporation of the residue to allow for a completely dry container after sterilization.

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