Super Air Amplifier Blows Chips Out From Pipe Cutting Application

Customer extrudes larger diameter pipes used for municipal water systems. They are the aqua colored pipes with bell and seal on one end. Customer cuts them to length and needs to blow the chips out of the pipe before the pipe is removed from the area. Customer has installed 1 pc. Model 120020 3/4" (19mm) Super Air Amplifier into application to blow down the inside of the 4 to 6 inch diameter pipe so as to remove the cutting chips. The "male" end of the pipe also has a chamfer that is machined onto it for ease of assembly. These chips are also blown out of the pipe in the same maching set up. The advantage the customer found in using the Air Amplifier was in the additional volume of air that can be moved when compared to a standard 3/8" ID hose that was used previously. The result was a far better job of blowing the plastic chips down the 16 ft. length of pipe.

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