Super Air Amplifier Blows Out Molds

Customer manufactures specialty rollers and roller coverings for the print industry. The customer applies special coatings to rollers for their different properties. To do this, they use tubular molds. As part of the process, the mold is left with a coating of material that is undesirable and must be removed. So, the customer polishes the inside of the molds and then needs to remove the polishing dust, etc. The mold diameters range from 5" up to 14.5", so large flows will be necessary to blow out the tube. The customer was previously blowing out the tubular molds with a small blowgun that did not move much air flow. The process took a while, especially on the larger diameters. Also, they were not able to cover the full inside circumference of the mold all the time. Getting the debris out is absolutely important to insure good finish on the next molding cycle. Using the Model 120024 4" (102mm) Super Air Amplifier they were able to have a better finish quality and save time.

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