Super Air Knife and Super Air Amplifier Cooperate to Eject Defective Product

A customer who is filling blister packaging with 3 pounds of material has many blister packs which do not get formed. If the pack is not formed it will not accept the 3 pounds of material. A sensor upstream determines if the pack can be filled or not. If the pack is unformed it needs to be ejected from the conveyor line. They had a homemade solution in place where the mounted three air nozzles below an 18" wide conveyor to lift the bad packs up off the conveyor, and a blower unit on the side of the conveyor to push the lifted packs off the side of the conveyor. The homemade system had a couple of problems. The first problem was the inconsistent air flow of the three nozzles below the belt. The nozzles had weak air flow in between them and did not really provide even air flow across the whole 18" wide conveyor. EXAIR replaced those nozzles with a Model 110018, 18" (457mm) Super Air Knife to provide a continuous even air flow across the whole conveyor and consistently lift the bad packs up off the belt. Second, the blower they had mounted at the side of the conveyor was too large to be mounted appropriately and adjusted for position, this was solved by providing (2) model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifiers on the side of the conveyor. Their small footprint and two bolt mounting flange made it easy to put them in the best position and also allowed for each of them to be mounted in a slightly different direction to make certain the bad packs were captured and removed from the conveyor.

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