Vortex Tubes Keeps Adhesive Cool

A manufacturer of hardwood plywood and veneer uses a soy based adhesive to bond the wood materials. This soy based adhesive is heat activated. The adhesive is moving through the plant in 4" pipe and it moves very slowly so it does pick up some environmental temperatures. At one spot in production the pipe carrying the adhesive is up high in the building and is subjected to a hotter environment which causes the adhesive to become thicker. When the adhesive gets thicker, they have a difficult time dispensing it properly through the machines which bond their plywood and veneer. They have chosen an EXAIR Model 3240 Vortex Tube to push cold air into a ten foot section of 5" (127mm) pipe which will be placed around the 4" pipe carrying the adhesive. This has created a cooling jacket to prevent the adhesive from picking up the heat of the warm environment. It cools the adhesive right before it is dispensed into the bonding machines and has eliminated the problems associated with feeding warmer adhesive into the machines.

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