Cooling Teflon Coating

The customer lines steel pipes with a Teflon liner that has to be flared on the ends to match the pipe. The Teflon is heated up to about 700°F to get it to a malleable state. They then place a tool onto the end of the pipe to flare out the Teflon to mold it up to fit the ID of the pipe. The problem is that the customer only has so many tools he can use to perform the process and it takes 30 minutes for the mass of pipe and Teflon to cool to a suitable temperature in order to allow for removal of the forming tool. So, the cooling process takes too long just sitting in ambient air to cool.

The customer would like to reduce the cooling time as much as possible to increase their hourly yield. 1 pc. of a Model 120022 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifier and 1 pc. of a Model 110009 9" (229mm) Super Air Knife were used. The Super Air Amplifier blows in from the end of the pipe to move air into the inside for cooling. The Super Air Knife blows onto the outside of the pipe flange and housing to cool from the exterior as well. The customer is able to reduce the cooling time from 30 minutes per tool down to 10 minutes per tool. So, they can move 3 times more material through their process.

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