Hot Air From Vortex Tube Aids In Drying Material

This customer manufactures aircraft/aerospace parts and equipment. One of their products includes a strand of flexible, porous material that is continuously passed through a wash tank prior to cutting. They were interested in speeding the drying of this strand, and considered blowing hot air onto it. It was not feasible to install an electrically powered hot air blower or gun. They needed an air flow of approximately 15 SCFM @200°F, and had 70psig compressed air available. A Model 3275 Large Vortex Tube (Maximum Cooling Power, 75 SCFM, 5,100 Btu/hr) was specified. Set at a 70% Cold Fraction (meaning 30% of the air supply is directed to the Hot End,) they are able to provide (actually, slightly exceed) the originally specified flow and temperature, effectively drying the product, quickly and safely.

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