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More information on all of our products can be found in the products section of this web site. Registered site users can also view our CAD files, installation and maintenance sheets and application database.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, or if you need more help with your application, please contact an Application Engineer at 800-903-9247 (513-671-3322 outside the U.S. and Canada).

Can the Digital Flowmeter be used with a Data Acquisition system?

Yes, the Digital Flowmeter provides Milliamp (4-20mA), Pulse, and Serial Communication (RS-485) Outputs.

Can the EFC control 2 solenoid valves?

No, the EFC cannot handle the current draw of 2 solenoid valves.

Can the ETC be used with other products besides your Cabinet Coolers?

Maybe. The ETC was designed specifically to control EXAIR Cabinet Coolers, and the temperature range is limited as shown in question #1 to a range that is appropriate for the application. The ETC could be used in conjunction with an EXAIR Vortex Tube provided that the temperature required for your application fell within the  80°F to 120°F (approximately 27°C to 49°C) range of the ETC. Please contact an Application Engineer to discuss your application requirements.

Can the thermostat be adjusted to maintain an internal temperature different than the preset 95° F?

Yes, in order to do so you will need liquid at the desired set temperature, a continuity meter, and a small flat head screwdriver.  The process for adjusting the thermostat is covered in the product's Installation and Maintenance guide.

Do the Super Blast Air Guns have a "dead man’s valve"?

Yes, they have a spring loaded valve which will close if the operator lets go of the gun.

Do you have a Reversible Drum Vac system smaller than 55 gallons?

Yes, EXAIR manufactures a Reversible Drum Vac system with a 5 gallon capacity which includes the drum. We also manufacture a Reversible Drum Vac system for use with a 30 gallon drum which is provided by the customer.

Do you recommend a filter to use with your products?

EXAIR recommends a 25 micron filter separator (or finer) for its Vortex Tube and Line Vac products and a 10 micron (or finer) filter separator for its other products. They remove dirt and water condensate present in the compressed air. If oil is present in the compressed air supply. EXAIR recommends the use of a coalescing oil removal filter.

EXAIR products sold as kits contain the appropriately sized filters and regulators.

Do you sell hose for your Line Vacs?

Yes, EXAIR sells spiral reinforced PVC hose from 3/8" inside diameter through 3" inside diameter. This hose is connected to the Line Vac with a worm gear hose clamp which is provided with the purchase of the hose.

Does the airflow from your air knife need to be pointed downward as shown in your catalog and on your web site in order to be effective?

No, an Air Knife is not position sensitive. The airflow is effective in any direction.

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